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What is allowed in my bulky waste container?


Our bulky waste containers are of one the most popular waste containers we offer. But what exactly is allowed in these containers? In other words, what is covered by bulky waste? We explain it to you in detail below.

Bulky waste is simply everything that is bigger than what fits in a garbage bag. All household waste that is too large and heavy for the usual garbage bag is classified under this category. Examples of bulky waste are carpeting (up to 10% of the container), furniture, doors or windows. But also think of: lampshades, curtains, laminate, tiles and awnings.

Below you will find waste types that well fall under bulky waste:

  • Banks
  • Books
  • Brown goods (e.g., televisions and monitors)
  • Plaster
  • Glass (think windows or bottle glass, not ceramic glass)
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Furniture
  • Paper and/or cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Debris
  • Garden Furniture
  • Flooring (max. 5%)

What is not allowed in a bulky waste container?

It is often helpful to know what is not allowed in a bulky waste container to avoid any bills later. For example, we often get the question: is laminate bulky waste? Laminate is wood waste and may be placed in both a wood container and a bulk waste container. We also often get the question whether mattresses can be placed in a bulky waste container. The answer to this is no, but you can hand them in at the municipal waste site free of charge.

Below we have compiled a list of trash that should definitely not be placed in our bulky waste containers:

  • Asbestos and or asbestos-like material (e.g., corrugated sheets)
  • Chemical waste (e.g., paint, sealant, liquids)
  • Roofing waste (e.g. roofing leather, bitumen, roof gravel with tar)
  • Ceramic glass
  • Mattresses (you can hand these in for free at the municipality)
  • Burned or charred wood
  • Freezers and/or refrigerators

Are you still not one hundred percent sure if your waste is allowed in the container? Do not hesitate to contact.

If there is trash in the container that should not be in it, we will not be able to take the container. We will request that these materials be removed so that we can still pick up the container. The cost for a futile trip is €75. If, when dumping the waste, it is found that unauthorized waste has been deposited in the container, we will be forced to invoice you afterwards. For a mattress, refrigerator or a freezer, this amount is € 50.



What does a container of bulky waste cost?

Renting bulky waste containers have a very economical price at Spelt waste container. You will find the most competitive prices in the market with us, for all available sizes our prices are very attractive.

  • Rental of a 3m3 bulky waste container: €279.
  • Rental of a 6m3 bulky waste container: €389.
  • Rental of a 10m3 bulky waste container: €499.
  • Rental of a closed 10m3 bulky waste container: 519,-
  • Rental of a 12m3 bulky waste container: €569.

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