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  • Includes 8 weeks rental
  • Ordered before 11:59 p.m., delivered next business day

Useful to know

When renting a dumpster we regularly receive questions about ordering, renting, paying and returning the dumpster. Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions. Also read our blogs with tips on renting a dumpster to make sure you don't have any hassle around your purchase.


How does ordering work?
Step 1:
Choose your desired waste type and container size. Click on the icon as shown to the right to see which waste types are or are not allowed in the dumpster of your choice. Then click on the "Order" icon behind the desired container.

Step 2:
Check that all the details of your order in your shopping cart are correct. Do you have a discount code? Then you can also fill it in on this page. The discount will be automatically processed in the price. Keep an eye on our homepage and social media channels for discount codes. Then click on "Continue with ordering".

Step 3:
Enter your details and delivery address. Not sure yet how long you want to rent the container? Then it's good to know that you can use the container up to 8 weeks free of rent. Fill in a date that is 7 to 8 weeks after the placement date. At a later time you can change this date by letting us know via the chat. You can also email us about this at shop@spelt.nl or contact us by phone at 085-048 61 00. Is everything filled in correctly, click on "Proceed to payment".

Step 4:
Choose the desired payment method and complete the payment. Once the payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation and invoice via email. The chosen payment method can then no longer be changed.
If you have any questions during the ordering process, please ask them via the chat. We are also available via email and telephone number 085-048 61 00.

Do I need an account?
No, an account is not necessary to place an order. However, it can be useful if you regularly order a container. In your account you will find an invoice overview.
What payment options are available?

All payment methods offered by Spelt Waste Container are:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • iDEAL
  • Maestro
  • PayPal
  • Klarna
  • Apple pay
  • Przelwey
Can the order still be changed?
A change can be made by mail or phone, as long as this is done 24 hours before the existing order. If you do this by mail, you will receive a digital confirmation. If you inform us by phone, the change will be processed immediately.
Will I receive an invoice?

You will receive an invoice in the order confirmation after the payment is completed, this invoice is attached. If you have an account on Spelt Afvalcontainer, you can also find an overview of all your invoices here.

Are there any additional costs?
No there are no additional costs. Our prices are all-inclusive, including VAT and delivery and collection costs.
How much is the cancellation fee?
The cost of cancellation is €50.00.

Delivery and Collection

When will the container be delivered if I order now?

If you order the container before 11:59 p.m., it will be delivered the very next business day.

Will I be notified when the container is placed?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to send all our customers a message before delivery. If you do not hear from us, the container will be delivered on the specified date. If this differs, you will of course be contacted. If you would still like to know approximately when the container will be delivered, it is best to call 085-048 61 00 on the day of delivery. The planning has not yet been completed and we cannot give you sufficient information about this.
Can I specify a specific time for delivery of the dumpster?
It is not possible to indicate a specific time for the delivery of your container. However, you can add in the comments (on the form) that you want the container to be delivered on a specific part of the day, morning or afternoon. This will be taken into account as much as possible in the planning. No guarantee can be given, because we have to deal with heavy traffic and an efficient division of the routes. If you have already filled in the data form without putting a preference for a part of the day in the comments, but still want to pass this on? Please call (085-048 61 00) or email(containers@spelt.nl) 48 hours in advance to pass on the part of the day.
What time will my container be placed?
The delivery will take place on the indicated date. If you have indicated a daypart in the comments of the data form, this will be taken into account as much as possible. Morning is between 07:00 and 12:00, afternoon is between 12:00 and 18:00. No daypart in the comments? Then the container will be placed between 07:00 and 18:00. There will be taken into account as much as possible the part of the day indicated, but no guarantee can be given. If you would still like to know approximately when the container will be delivered, it is best to call 085-048 61 00 on the day of delivery. Before that time, the planning has not yet been completed.
Do I need to be present when placing or picking up the container?
No, you do not need to be present when placing or removing the container. If you did not provide placement information in the comments, the driver will choose the best place for the container. In the comments you can also indicate that you want to be called before placement. Please make sure that the container is freely accessible to the driver when removing it. Also take into account that you do not overload the container, no more than 10 cm above the edge.
Container not delivered or picked up by appointment?
Please contact our customer service team at 085-048 61 00 or containers@spelt.nl. They can contact planning directly and verify the order.
Ordered a container for construction and demolition waste, but it only contains rubble?

Please notify customer service at shop@spelt.nl or 085-048 61 00. They will adjust this for you and credit the amount or ask you to transfer money. Please indicate this before the container is disposed of. For example, if there is construction and demolition debris in a dumpster, there will be an after-tax charge for this.

How long can the container be left?

When you rent a container from Spelt waste container, 8 weeks of rent are included. If you need the container longer, it will cost an additional €10 rental per week. If you would like to leave the container longer, please let us know at shop@spelt.nl or send Saar a chat.

How do I have my container picked up or changed?

If you wish to have the container collected it will be done on the date indicated on the form. If the container is full earlier or later than the indicated date, you can easily contact shop@spelt.nl or send Saar a chat. The new disposal date will then be discussed with you.

When you want to change a container, you can place a new order on the webshop. Further in the ordering process you can indicate that you still have a full container.

What will be done with my waste?
After collecting your waste, the various waste streams are transported to recycling locations. Spelt Waste Container is an initiative of Spelt Companies. Waste is collected from four different locations, namely:

  • Spelt Afvalinzameling b.v. Nieuwveen
  • Van der Kooij Afvalinzameling b.v. Schiedam
  • Van Dijk Afvalinzameling b.v. Cuijk and Heerenveen

Arriving at the recycling sites, the separation of the waste begins, from large fractions to smaller and smaller fractions. This is done in particular with the innovative technologies such as the waste sorting plant. After sorting the waste, the recycling process begins. Where the waste is a source of new raw materials. Here are some examples:

  • Debris is processed into certified mixed granulate, a commonly used raw material for asphalt paving.
  • Green waste is converted to compost (soil improver) and biomass (alternative fuel).
  • Paper, plastic, wood and iron are transported to an approved final processor. There, new products are made from these raw materials.

Want to know more about how we sustainably reuse your waste? Then read our blog post.


What is allowed in the container?
Read this blog to learn more about what waste is generated during a remodel and what we can and cannot take away. Below, we've listed it for you by container type:

Construction and demolition waste

  • Permitted: Debris, wood, metals, plastics, paper/cardboard, bulky household waste and insulation material.
  • Not allowed: asbestos, hazardous waste, liquids, soil.


  • The following are permitted: Concrete rubble, masonry rubble (bricks), mortar, roof tiles and sand-lime brick.
  • Not allowed: Gas concrete, gypsum, asbestos, soot contamination, roofing gravel.


  • Allowed: Painted and unpainted (hard) and glued wood.
  • Not allowed: Garden wood, burned and rotten wood.

Green and garden waste

  • Allowed: Branches, shrubs, plants, tree trunks, leaves, reeds and grass.
  • Not allowed: Soil and garden wood.


  • Allowed: Visually clean soil/sand from unsuspicious location.
  • Not permitted: Soil foreign material.

Bulky waste

  • Permitted: Sofas, (garden) furniture, carpeting (maximum 10% by bulky waste), textiles, wood, metal.
  • Not allowed: white goods, hazardous waste, household electrical appliances, mattresses.

Want to know more about what is and isn't allowed in bulky waste containers? Then read our blog about it.

Is the waste you want to throw in the container not listed? Please contact us via the online chat box in our webshop, at contact@spelt.nl or on 085-048 61 00. We can then quickly assist you in making the right choice.

Do I need to apply for a permit?
On private property, no permit needs to be applied for when placing a container. If the container is placed on public land, this often does not apply either, but not always, so check with your municipality. Read all about permits in this blog and see if this also applies to your municipality.
Where can the container be placed and how much space should be kept free?
A minimum of 3.5 meters width is required to place the container. Our 3m3 containers will fit in a parking lot. If no placement information has been placed in the comments of the entry form, the driver will choose the best location for the container. If in doubt about the placement location, please contact us.
What about the locks on a closed container and any tarps?
Closed containers have some major advantages over open containers. Read more about that in this blog. Locks and any tarpaulin you may need to provide yourself.
Moving a container yourself?
You may not move the container yourself after the driver has placed it. If it is really necessary to move the container please contact us.

Other questions

Is your question not listed?
Then contact us via the chat box of our webshop, by email or by phone 085-048 61 00. We are happy to help you!