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6m³ container - clean rubble

Want to rent a 6m³ rubble container? Then you have come to the right place at Spelt Afvalcontainer. Order this convenient container for stony materials easily online.



What kind of waste is allowed in a 6m³ rubble container?

Will you be undertaking a fairly large-scale renovation involving a lot of stony materials? Then it is good to know that most types of stony rubble are allowed in this 6m³ container. In the table you can find the permitted materials that are allowed in this container. Or watch our video on what may and may not be placed in a rubble container.


Not permitted

Concrete rubble Aerated concrete
Masonry Debris Plaster
Garden Tiles Asbestos
Tiles Soot pollutants
Limestone Roof Gravel
Clinkers / Pavement Plastic bags
Garden Gravel Soil / sand
Stone Wood
Bathroom and kitchen tiles


If a wall is being demolished or if bricks, concrete rubble and masonry rubble are released during building work, then the rubble container is very suitable. A rubble container of 6m³ is the best size for a fairly large renovation. Do you have a smaller renovation job ahead of you? We also have a 3m³ rubble container, which holds less rubble, but is also cheaper. Often large pieces of rubble are released during a job that take up a lot of space in a container. Therefore it is wise to check in advance how much rubble is to be removed and to adjust the size of the container accordingly.

Are you embarking on an extensive remodel that will release other materials in addition to debris? Then our construction and demolition container may be a better option. In this container, in addition to rubble, other demolition waste is also permitted. This type of container is available in five different sizes, including the 6 m³ construction and demolition container.

Why rent a 6m³ rubble container from Spelt Afvalcontainer?

A 6m³ rubble container is rented from Spelt Afvalcontainer including an 8-week rental period. The delivery and collection costs are free and the listed price includes VAT. Do you need a container quickly? Then order your container before 3 p.m. and it will be delivered to your home the very next working day!

Spelt Waste Container is committed to recycling waste. After your dumpster is collected, the debris is broken into small pieces. As a result, the recycled waste becomes mixed granulate, which can be reused as foundation material for roads, among other things. Thus, your waste gets a new sustainable use.