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6m³ container - soil

You can rent a 6m³ ground container from Spelt. Order this container including delivery and collection costs and VAT via our webshop. The container can remain at your home for 8 weeks.



What is allowed in a 6m³ soil container?

The 6m³ soil container may be used for the removal of clean soil from unsuspicious locations. By clean soil, we mean sand, peat and earth. If you want to deposit soil, it may not be mixed with other materials such as rubble and branches.



Not permitted

Clean soil (sand, peat, earth) Debris
Turf Branches


Do you still want to dispose of branches? Then you can rent a green and garden waste container from us for a renovation of your garden. To dispose of rubble you can opt for a rubble container. Is a 6m³ soil container the right container for your job? Then order it directly online. In terms of size, the 6m³ soil container is very suitable for digging up your garden, for example. For small jobs that require clean soil, we also have a 3m³ soil container.

The new use of your land waste

After 8 weeks, the 6m³ soil container will be picked up from your home. Is the container full sooner? Then earlier collection is also no problem. If you need another soil container, you can order it again. After we have collected the container, we bring the soil to our ground bank. The soil in our soil bank is used for various projects in the construction industry. In this way your soil gets a suitable new destination.