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3m³ container - bulky waste

The 3m³ bulky waste container is suitable for various types of waste. Rent this container now for 8 weeks including VAT and storage and pickup charges by placing an online order.



What is allowed in a 3m³ bulky waste container?

The 3m³ bulky waste container is very suitable if you are going to tidy up at home and want to recycle various materials. For example, you can dispose of (garden) furniture, textiles and metals in this container. Before ordering a 3m³ bulky waste container, check carefully whether this container is the most suitable for your job. For example, do you only have wood waste? Then it is better to rent a wood container. In the table you can see which materials may be deposited in this container. Do you want to know exactly what is or is not allowed in a bulky waste container? Read our blog and avoid unnecessary fines.


Not permitted

Banks Batteries and accumulators
Books Asbestos
Brown goods (e.g., televisions and monitors) Asbestos-like material (e.g., corrugated sheets)
Wood (impregnated) Car tires
Metal Chemical waste (paint, sealant)
Paper and cardboard Corrugated sheets
Rubble / stone Soil and sand
(garden) furniture Mattresses
Flooring (max. 5%) White goods (refrigerators and freezers)

Is a 3m³ bulky waste container suitable for my job?

Are you going to tidy up a few rooms in your house? Then a 3m³ bulky waste container is probably big enough. Are you going to tidy up the whole house? Then you can contact us for larger bulky waste containers. The bulky waste containers are available in sizes from 3 to 12m³. The 10m³ container is even available in a closed version. We are happy to help you make the right choice for your bulky waste container.

Collection of your bulky waste container

After the 8-week rental period is over, we will come and collect the container from your home. If the container is full sooner, we can come and pick it up sooner. If you need a new container, you can easily order it online. After we have collected the container we will recycle your waste. For each type of waste we look for a sustainable new destination.