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3m³ container - green and garden waste

Rent a 3m³ container for green and garden waste? At Afvalcontainer Holland you can easily order this container for different types of garden waste online for 8 weeks.



Green and garden waste container 3m³ rental

Do you have a small garden and are you planning a garden renovation? Then we recommend you rent a 3m³ green waste container for all the waste that will be generated. If it's mainly soil that's involved in your renovation, you'd better opt for a 3m³ or 6m³ soil container. The container for green and garden waste is suitable for the following types of waste:


Not permitted

Leaves Castellated
Flowers and plants Tree trunks or stumps
Tree Trunks Food scraps
Grass(turf) Ground
Branches and bushes Japanese knotweed
Garden and pruning waste Debris
Garden wood and posts
Sweeping dirt and sand
Contamination of plastic, paper, glass and stones


A 3m³ green waste container is therefore very suitable for a renovation of a small garden. Do you have a larger garden? Then one of our 6m³, 10 m³ or 12 m³ green waste containers may be more suitable. To know which container is most suitable for renovating your garden, you can use the following rule of thumb: 10 full wheelbarrows of 100 liters fit in 1m³. We recommend that you make the green waste small and push it to make efficient use of the space.

Collection of your 3m³ green waste container

After the rental period of 8 weeks we will pick up the container at your home. If the container is already full earlier, we can come and collect it earlier. Do you still have more waste that does not fit? Then place a new order online so we can bring a new container immediately. At Afvalcontainer Holland we always try to recycle as much waste as possible. Fortunately, green and garden waste is completely reusable. As soon as we have collected the container from you, we start processing the contents into compost. So green waste stays green.