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12m³ container - wood

Renting a large 12m³ wood waste container? At Spelt Waste Container, you can easily order this convenient container for various types of wood waste online for 8 weeks.



What waste is allowed in the 12m3 wood container?

Do you have a major renovation planned that involves a lot of wood waste? Then the large 12m³ wood container is the right container for you! In the 12m3 wood container you can deposit old furniture, doors or frames made of wood, for example. Do you have a large renovation planned where more types of waste are released? Then the construction and demolition waste is more suitable for the job. In the table we have listed which types of wood may be disposed of in this container.


Not permitted

Doors and frames Garden wood (impregnated)
Painted wood Glass and plastic
Laminate Fences
Unpainted wood Trimmings
Glued wood Burn wood
Rotten wood


How much waste will fit in the 12m3 wood container?

Before placing an order, we recommend that you think carefully about whether the 12m³ wood container is the right size for your remodeling project. About 12 trailers of wood waste fit into a 12m³ container. When arranging the container, we recommend taking the furniture apart first and then placing the boards horizontally in the container. This allows you to make optimal use of the space in the container. Are you looking for a smaller container for wood waste? At Spelt Afvalcontainer you can also rent wood containers in the sizes 3m³, 6m³, 10m³. The 10m³ wood waste container is available in both open and closed versions.

What happens to my wood waste?

After the rental period is over, the full container will be picked up again at your home. Should the container be full earlier, it is not a problem to pick it up earlier. If you still need a container, you can place a new order. After we have collected the full wood container, we make sure that the wood waste is recycled in a sustainable way. Your wood waste gets a new life as raw material in the wood industry or it is made into pallets.