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12m³ container - construction and demolition waste

At Afvalcontainer Holland you can easily and quickly rent a 12m³ construction and demolition waste container. You rent this container for 8 weeks including storage and collection costs.



What is allowed in the 12m³ construction and demolition waste container?

Are you planning a major renovation that will generate many different types of waste? Then a 12m³ construction and demolition waste container is the right container for you. It is permitted to deposit various types of waste in this container. In the table you can find what kinds of waste are and are not allowed in this container.



Not permitted

Wood Asbestos
Metal Hazardous waste
Plastics Liquids
Paper/Carton Ground
Glass Mattresses
Insulation material Batteries
Roof waste (max. 5% by construction waste, must not contain asbestos)
Impregnated wood


Do you want to dispose of soil during the renovation? Then you can also rent a soil container at Afvalcontainer Holland in a size of 3m³ or 6m³. Besides the large containers of 12m³ we also offer smaller construction and demolition waste containers. For small jobs, we have these in the sizes 3m³ and 6m³. It is also possible to order a 10m³ construction and demolition waste container. Our 10m³ containers are available in a closed and an open version. The closed version is, for example, very suitable for inner city areas as you prevent other people from depositing their waste in the container.

12m³ demolition waste container rental at Afvalcontainer Holland

At Afvalcontainer Holland you can easily rent a 12m³ construction and demolition waste container by placing an online order. The prices in our webshop are all-inclusive and the container can be left for 8 weeks. Is the container full sooner? Then it is possible to exchange the full container for an empty one by placing a new order. After you have deposited all the construction and demolition waste in the container, it will be picked up from your home and we will start to recycle the waste. After picking up the container we divide all your waste into as many clean residual streams as possible. For each waste stream we look for a sustainable new destination.