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10m³ closed container - wood

Rent a 10m³ closed wood container? At Spelt Afvalcontainer, you rent this container including VAT, collection costs and 8 weeks' rent.



What kind of waste is allowed in a closed 10m³ wood container?

Are you about to embark on a major renovation that will release a lot of wood? A closed container is especially suitable for use in inner-city areas because others cannot deposit waste in it. A closed 10m³ container for wood may be used for the following types of wood waste.


Not permitted

Doors and frames Garden wood (impregnated)
Painted wood Glass and plastic
Laminate Fences
Unpainted wood Trimmings
Glued wood Burn wood
Rotten wood

Wood waste is often released during renovations. Think of old furniture, doors or window frames. A closed 10m³ wood container is suitable for large renovations. Are you going to work on smaller renovations? Then we also offer wood containers of 3m³ and 6m³. Do you have doubts about which container size is most suitable for your job? Then consider that about 10 trailers with wood waste fit in a 10 m³ wood container. We recommend that you always divide your container efficiently. So disassemble furniture and place loose boards horizontally in the container to get as much wood in as possible.

Are you about to embark on a larger remodel that will release other materials in addition to wood? Then our construction and demolition container may be a better option. You can hire this container to dispose of wood and other types of waste that are released during a renovation. This type of container is available in five different sizes.

Why a closed waste container?

A closed waste container has some advantages over an open container. No risk of dirt being placed in it by others that does not belong to you, no mess on and around the container for which you could be fined, and also no risk of the container not being taken away because it is too full. We have explained exactly what these advantages are in the following blog.

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What happens to my waste?

When the rental period for the closed 10m³ wood container is over, we pick up the container from your home. Is the container full sooner? Then earlier collection is also no problem. After the container has been collected, we immediately start recycling the wood waste. By recycling the material, the wood waste can get a new destination, for example as raw material in the wood industry. Want to know more about how we recycle your waste? Read our blog and learn more about how we give your waste a new life.