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Container rental Wijchen

Have you ever wondered where to put all your trash during a major cleanup or remodel where construction waste is piling up quickly. Renting a dumpster can be the perfect solution in such situations.

With Spelt Afvalcontainers, you can rent various sizes and types of containers in Wijchen.

In this blog, we are going to talk about renting a dumpster in Wijchen and discuss everything involved. For example, we are going to look at the various types and sizes of containers, prices and what about safety and permits.

Find your container

The right dumpster rental in Wijchen for all your waste!

Do you want to rent a dumpster in Wijchen? Then it is important that you know which dumpster you need. This depends on the type and amount of waste you have. We offer several containers below, including the sizes that go with them.

Waste container Wijchen? We can supply a variety of waste containers:

3m³ container

230cm x 175cm x 110cm
Prices are all-in and include VAT

3m³ container

Small renovation

Fits on one parking space

Most popular

6m³ container

365cm x 185cm x 110cm
Prices are all-inclusive and include VAT

6m³ container

Medium-sized renovation

Fits on one parking space

10m³ container

360cm x 185cm x 155cm
Prices are all-inclusive and include VAT

10m³ container

Medium to large scale renovation

Fits on one parking space

10m³ closed container

315cm x 185cm x 200 cm
Prices are all-in and incl. VAT

10m³ closed container

Medium to large scale renovation

Fits on one parking space

Best option

12m³ container

460cm x 185cm x 150cm
Prices are all-inclusive and include VAT

12m³ container

If available in your area

Fits on one parking space

You can rent containers from us in different sizes, from 3m³ as the smallest container to 12m³ as the largest container. This means you'll always find the right container for your specific needs. And, if you're not sure what size container you need, our team of expert staff is ready to give you advice.

License for dumpster rental Wijchen

It is good to know that you do not always need a permit to place a dumpster. Usually, a permit is only needed when the dumpster is placed on a public property, such as a sidewalk or street. When you place the dumpster on your own property, such as your yard or driveway, you usually do not need a permit.

There are specific rules in Wijchen for placing and renting dumpsters. It is always wise to contact the municipality of Wijchen to check whether you need a permit for your specific situation.


Construction container rental in Wijchen

When you are remodeling, renovating your home or having a major cleanup, renting a construction dumpster can be the solution. It can help you collect and dispose of large amounts of construction waste.

Construction containers are useful for disposing of materials such as wood, metal, construction and demolition waste and plastic. Note that hazardous materials such as chemicals, asbestos and paint should not be thrown in a construction container.

See all options for a construction dumpster rental in Wijchen.

Bulky waste container rental in Wijchen

During a move, cleaning out the garage or a major cleaning, it is ideal to rent a bulky waste container. This is because large amounts of household waste and items that do not fit in the regular trash can can be disposed of with it.

You can dispose of various types of bulky waste in a bulky waste container. You can think of household appliances, furniture and even brown goods. Please note that hazardous waste such as asbestos, paint and oil may not be disposed of with a bulky waste container.

Additional information about a dumpster coarse waste rental?

Wood container rental in Wijchen

If you are embarking on a project where you have a lot of wood waste, such as replacing a wood floor or tearing down an old shed, it is wise to rent a wood container.

You can dispose of different types of wood with a wood container, from untreated wood to painted wood and even chipboard. Please note that impregnated, burnt and rotten wood, among others, should not be thrown into a wood container.

For more information and options check out wood waste container rental in Wijchen.

Garden waste container rental in Wijchen

If you are going to redecorate your garden, prune trees or get started on another big garden project then it makes sense to rent a yard waste container. Renting a yard waste container can save you a lot of trouble and time because you don't have to go to the dump yourself.

You can dispose of various types of yard waste in a yard waste container, such as grass, branches, leaves and even shrubs. Note that soil and stones should not be disposed of with a garden waste container.

Check out the options for yard waste container rentals in Wijchen here.

Ground container rental in Wijchen

Are you going to build a new garden, dig a pond or lay a foundation? Then renting a soil container is the perfect solution for disposing of your soil waste.

You can put both clean and contaminated soil in a soil container. In addition, you may also throw sand, garden soil, clay and compost into a soil container. Note that materials such as bricks and other construction waste may not be thrown a soil container.

View all options for a ground waste container rental in Wijchen.

Rental of dumpsters in Wijchen

A dumpster is useful for construction and demolition projects that involve a lot of debris, such as removing a concrete floor, tearing down a wall and demolishing an old building.

You can dispose of various types of debris in a dumpster, such as concrete, bricks, ceramics and tiles. Note that other types of waste such as wood, metal and plastic should not be thrown in a debris container.

Check out all the options for a dumpster rental in Wijchen.

Roof waste container rental in Wijchen

When you are going to do roof work, such as installing solar panels or making a roof structure, it is ideal to rent a roof waste container.

You can put materials such as roofing leather, roof gravel, roof insulation and roof tiles in a roof waste container. Note that you may not throw asbestos-containing materials in a roof waste container.

See all options for a roof waste container rental in Wijchen.

Rental dumpster prices Wijchen

At Spelt Afvalcontainers container rental, you rent any type of container for an all-in price including VAT, delivery and collection costs and 8 weeks' rent. You pay online safely and quickly with iDEAL without paying a deposit. There are various sizes of waste containers for rent in Wijchen.

Prices range from a minimum of €159 to a maximum of €1,094. Our rates vary per dumpster and are based on the weight of the waste, among other things. We offer competitive rates for all our containers.


The right size dumpster rental in Wijchen

It is important that you rent the right size dumpster in Wijchen. If the dumpster is too small, you will keep waste and you will have to rent an additional container.

The containers available are sized from a minimum of 3m³ to a maximum of 12m³. Need help choosing the right size dumpster?


Safe and environmentally friendly container rental in Wijchen

An important part of renting our containers is safety. We recommend, for added safety, renting an enclosed container rather than an open container. We will not take back a container if the waste is loose at the top, such as loose boards or stones. This is because at that point we cannot guarantee safety.

Is your rental period over? Then we will pick up the container again. The waste disposed of by us is then given a new life. Among other things, we process green waste into compost and rubble waste into mixed granulate. Thus, we process almost 100% of the waste to a new and sustainable destination!

For more information or questions, please contact us.