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Container rental in Eindhoven: simple and quick waste disposal

Do you find yourself with a large amount of waste in busy Eindhoven? You can rent a dumpster in the municipality of Eindhoven with Spelt Afvalcontainer! Easily and quickly the right container is placed in front of your house.

Before renting the right kind of dumpster, it is good to know what kind of waste to dispose of and whether a permit is required. It is important to determine the dimensions of your container before renting a container. We explain below what to look out for when renting a container in Eindhoven!

Rental dumpster in Eindhoven: all types in a row

To determine the container you want, the different types of containers are listed:

3m³ container

230cm x 175cm x 110cm
Prices are all-in and include VAT

3m³ container

Small renovation

Fits on one parking space

Most popular

6m³ container

365cm x 185cm x 110cm
Prices are all-inclusive and include VAT

6m³ container

Medium-sized renovation

Fits on one parking space

10m³ container

360cm x 185cm x 155cm
Prices are all-inclusive and include VAT

10m³ container

Medium to large scale renovation

Fits on one parking space

10m³ closed container

315cm x 185cm x 200 cm
Prices are all-in and incl. VAT

10m³ closed container

Medium to large scale renovation

Fits on one parking space

Best option

12m³ container

460cm x 185cm x 150cm
Prices are all-inclusive and include VAT

12m³ container

If available in your area

Fits on one parking space

Apply for permit to rent dumpsters

The municipality of Eindhoven has a number of rules for placing a container. If your container falls within these rules, you do not need to apply for a permit to rent a dumpster.

It is allowed to place a container in the following situations: containers with a capacity not exceeding 10 m³, whose contents are covered with a tarpaulin. An enclosed waste container that is a maximum of 6 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 2.5 high and must be closed on all sides. Both types of containers may be left for a maximum of 5 consecutive days.

Placing a dumpster is allowed on weekends or holidays if placed outside a shopping street or in areas where paid parking applies.

To view the full terms and conditions. please see the use of public space page of the Municipality of Eindhoven.

Construction waste container in Eindhoven

When demolishing or remodeling, different types of waste such as drywall, roofing waste and metal pieces can be released. Renting a construction dumpster is then the best option.

With a construction container, it is not possible to dispose of asbestos, mattresses or batteries and accumulators. It is wise to check the construction and demolition waste container page before renting a dumpster.

Green and garden waste container in Eindhoven

Every now and then the garden also needs maintenance, so much so that a garden waste container is needed. The dumpster provides space for different types of garden waste such as leaves, tree trunks, branches and shrubs. Note that not all types of garden waste are allowed in the green and garden waste container.

Ground waste container rental in Eindhoven

Ground waste can include clean soil and turf. Due to the weight of the waste, we deliver containers no larger than 6m³. Visit our soil container page on the website for more information.

Bulky waste container rental in Eindhoven

Had enough of old furniture in the living room? Renting a bulky waste container provides easy disposal of furniture and other trash. With 8 weeks of rental included in the price, you can rent a bulky waste container from Spelt. Make sure that the bulky waste container is suitable for your type of waste.

Roof waste container needed in Eindhoven

Renting a roof waste container in Eindhoven is suitable for the removal of roofing leather. It sounds crazy, but you are not allowed to deposit roof tiles in this type of container. So check the roof waste container page carefully before ordering the container.

Wood waste container rental in Eindhoven

With a wood waste container, it is important that the wood is not rotten or burned. Also, fences and garden wood are not allowed in a wood waste container. A wood container is the desired container if, for example, laminate, doors and glued wood must be disposed of.

Rental of dumpsters in Eindhoven

When it comes to debris waste, renting a dumpster is not only convenient but often really necessary. Disposing of masonry and concrete rubble is easy with a dumpster. The rubble container is suitable for many more clean rubble, which is why we have made an overview of what kind of waste can be deposited in the rubble container.

Helpful tips for container rental in Eindhoven

Ordering a dumpster is simple, but finding the right one is trickier than previously thought. Recognizable? Then it is a good idea to read through the tips on renting a dumpster carefully before renting a dumpster. This saves a lot of inconvenience than when the container is already in front of the house.

The dimensions of containers in Eindhoven

Different sizes are also available for the above containers. For wood waste, waste containers are available from 3m³ and for large amounts of waste you can rent a container from 12m³. For soil waste, the sizes are 3m³ and 6m³. Estimate in advance how big the dumpster should be so you don't have to rent an extra dumpster. This saves costs and effort!

How much does it cost to rent a container in Eindhoven?

As with the dimensions, the rates of the waste containers also differ. For example, a 6m³ green waste container costs €209 and a 6m³ bulky waste costs €389. This is an all-in rate, including delivery and collection of the dumpster, 8 weeks of rental and VAT! With us, secure payment is guaranteed via iDEAL.

Safe and environmentally friendly dumpster rental in Eindhoven

When renting dumpsters, there are times when the container becomes full. It is then important not to fill the full container any further. To guarantee safety, we only pick up containers that are properly filled. Containers that are overloaded and whose safety we cannot guarantee will not be taken away.

In addition to safety, we believe it is important to deal sustainably with the waste we collect. Therefore, our collected waste is given a new purpose as raw materials and energy!

Container rental in Eindhoven: collection and delivery service

As a service, we offer a delivery time of one business day. The delivery and collection of the dumpsters will be carried out on your chosen date.

For safety and other regulations, please see our terms and conditions or contact us.