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Container rental Drenthe

Have you ever had a big cleanup and wondered where to put all that waste? Or maybe you're doing a mid-sized remodel and need a place to store all the construction waste? Then renting a dumpster in the Drenthe region is the ideal solution for you! At Spelt Afvalcontainers you can go for different types of containers, tailored to your specific needs. And the best thing? You can easily order online and we deliver containers quickly to your location. In this blog we dive deeper into the world of dumpster rental in Drenthe. Read on quickly!

Find your container

The right dumpster rental in Drenthe for all your trash!

Need to rent a dumpster in Drenthe? It is important to know which dumpster is needed for your project. Below we offer various containers and including sizes that go with them.

Drenthe dumpster rental? We supply a variety of waste containers:

3m³ container

230cm x 175cm x 110cm
Prices are all-in and include VAT

3m³ container

Small renovation

Fits on one parking space

Most popular

6m³ container

365cm x 185cm x 110cm
Prices are all-inclusive and include VAT

6m³ container

Medium-sized renovation

Fits on one parking space

10m³ container

360cm x 185cm x 155cm
Prices are all-inclusive and include VAT

10m³ container

Medium to large scale renovation

Fits on one parking space

10m³ closed container

315cm x 185cm x 200 cm
Prices are all-in and incl. VAT

10m³ closed container

Medium to large scale renovation

Fits on one parking space

Best option

12m³ container

460cm x 185cm x 150cm
Prices are all-inclusive and include VAT

12m³ container

If available in your area

Fits on one parking space

Permit for waste container Drenthe

Waste container rental in the Drenthe region? Before placing a dumpster, it is important to know if you need a permit. In many cases this is not necessary, but there are exceptions. For example, if you want to place the container on public property.

In province of Drenthe there are specific rules about renting and placing dumpsters. It is always advisable to check in advance with the province of Drenthe about local regulations. And remember, for a medium-sized remodel a larger container will fit, while for a small remodel a smaller container is often sufficient.


Construction container rental in Drenthe

If you are going to renovate a house or build a new office, it can produce a lot of waste. Renting a construction container in Drenthe is then an ideal solution.

Construction containers are ideal for disposing of materials such as wood, broken tiles, construction waste, metal and plastic. Please note that hazardous materials such as asbestos, paint and chemicals are not allowed in this container.

See all the options for a construction container rental in Drenthe and what materials, for example, should not be disposed of in it.

Bulky waste container rental in Drenthe

Are you going to do a big cleanup or clear out the attic full of old furniture? A bulky dumpster is your best friend then.

You can dispose of different types of waste in a bulky waste container. You can think of broken appliances, old furniture, other large waste and even brown goods. Please note that you may not throw hazardous materials such as paint, oil and asbestos into this container, nor car tires or electronics.

Additional information about a dumpster coarse waste rental?

Wood container rental in Drenthe

Are you tearing down an old barn or getting started on another project that involves a lot of wood waste? Then you can get in from a wood container the perfect solution.

You can dispose of different types of wood with a wood container. For example: untreated wood, boards, beams and even chipboard. Please note that you cannot dispose of impregnated wood and wood with nails in a wood container.

For more information and options check out wood waste container rental in Drenthe.

Garden waste container rental in Drenthe

While pruning trees and creating a new garden, you will have a lot of garden waste. In this case, renting a garden waste container is an ideal solution for you.

You may use a yard waste container to dispose of various types of waste, such as grass, branches, leaves and even shrubs. Please note that garden furniture, stones and soil do not belong in this.

Check out the options for yard waste container rentals in Drenthe here.

Ground container rental in Drenthe

Constructing a new garden or digging a pond often releases a lot of soil. A soil container is then the perfect solution.

You can put sand and clay as well as earth and clean soil in a soil container. Note that you cannot dispose of rocks, branches or other construction waste with a soil container.

Check out all the options for a soil waste container rental in Drenthe.

Rental of dumpsters in Drenthe

Are you planning to demolish the old shed or build a gazebo? Then a dumpster is your lifesaver.

A dumpster can hold clean rubble, bricks, concrete and tiles. Note that other types of waste such as wood, metal, plaster, asbestos, chemical waste and plastic are not allowed in here.

Check out all the options for a dumpster rental in Drenthe.

Roof waste container rental in Drenthe

While replacing a roof or installing solar panels, waste such as roof gravel and roofing leather is generated. A roof waste container is the best choice for this project.

You can put roofing leather and roofing gravel in a roof waste container. Note that you may not throw wood and asbestos-containing materials into a roof waste container.

Check out all the options for a roof waste container rental in Drenthe.

Skip hire prices Drenthe

At Spelt Afvalcontainers container rental, you rent a container for a price that includes 8 weeks of rental, delivery and collection costs and VAT! You pay safely and quickly online with iDEAL without paying a deposit. There are different sizes of waste containers for rent in Drenthe.

Prices range from a minimum of €159 to a maximum of €1,094. Our rates vary per dumpster. And the best part? The prices are all-in, so no hidden costs!

The right size dumpster rental in Drenthe

It is important to rent the right size dumpster in Drenthe. A dumpster that is too small means there will be waste left over and an additional container will be needed. The available container sizes are minimum 3m³ and maximum 12m³.

Need help choosing the right size dumpster?

Safe and environmentally friendly container rental in Drenthe

Safety is an important part of renting our containers. For added safety, we recommend renting an enclosed container instead of an open container. We will not take the rented container back if the trash is too loose at the top, such as loose rocks and boards. We cannot guarantee safety because of this.

Is the rental period over? Then the container is picked up. The waste we dispose of is then given a new life. For example, we process rubble waste into mixed granulate and green waste into compost. We thus process almost 100% of the type of waste to a new sustainable destination!

For more information or questions, please contact us.