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Rent a container in Dordrecht with Spelt Afvalcontainer!

Are you looking for a dumpster in Dordrecht? Renting a dumpster from spelt is quick and easy. We have the right container for every type of waste. The price of a dumpster rental includes 8 weeks of rental, VAT and collection costs!

We provide various sizes of containers, from a small 3m³ container, to a large 12m³ container. These various types of dumpsters provide enough space to dispose of all your waste at an economical price!

Are you planning to dispose of different types of waste? Then see which dumpster suits your needs.

Waste container in Dordrecht? We supply a variety of waste containers:

3m³ container

230cm x 175cm x 110cm
Prices are all-in and include VAT

3m³ container

Small renovation

Fits on one parking space

Most popular

6m³ container

365cm x 185cm x 110cm
Prices are all-inclusive and include VAT

6m³ container

Medium-sized renovation

Fits on one parking space

10m³ container

360cm x 185cm x 155cm
Prices are all-inclusive and include VAT

10m³ container

Medium to large scale renovation

Fits on one parking space

10m³ closed container

315cm x 185cm x 200 cm
Prices are all-in and incl. VAT

10m³ closed container

Medium to large scale renovation

Fits on one parking space

Best option

12m³ container

460cm x 185cm x 150cm
Prices are all-inclusive and include VAT

12m³ container

If available in your area

Fits on one parking space

Permit for a dumpster in Dordrecht

Need permits for the containers? You do not need a permit if the container will be on your own property, such as the garden or driveway. No space? Then make sure the dumpster is placed in a parking lot or on the sidewalk.

Waste container placement on public space? Such as the road, the street, the sidewalk or in the green. In Dordrecht, when placing a waste container in these places, you must always apply for a permit. Apply for this at least 2 weeks before placement.

For more information, we recommend that you check out the Dordrecht Municipality page for yourself. Applied for an environmental permit for a remodel? Placing a Spelt waste container is often covered by this. We do advise you to check this.

Choose the right kind of dumpster in Dordrecht

Are you looking to rent a dumpster in Dordrecht? Before you get started, it is important to know what kind of waste you will be disposing of. We recommend different dumpsters depending on the type of waste you want to dispose of.

Wood waste container rental in Dordrecht

Do you only possess wood waste? This is because a wood container is only suitable for wood waste such as: painted wood, unpainted wood and glued wood. Think for example of window frames, doors or old furniture.

See all options for a wood waste container rental in Dordrecht.

Garden waste container rental in Dordrecht

A yard waste container is perfect for mixed yard waste. This is also known as green waste. Think of green waste such as: branches, shrubs, plants, tree trunks, leaves, reeds and grass. See all the options for a garden waste container rental in Dordrecht.

Ground waste container rental in Dordrecht

Want to rent a soil waste container in Dordrecht? A soil waste container is for clean soil only. Please note! We do not accept mixed soil with other materials in our containers.

The containers are suitable for materials such as sand, peat and soil. See all options for a soil waste container rental in Dordrecht.

Rental of dumpsters in Dordrecht

A debris container is used during renovations that release a lot of stony material. These are materials such as: Concrete rubble, Masonry rubble, Mortar, Roof tiles, Limestone, such as bathroom tiles or bricks.

Check out all the options for a dumpster rental in Dordrecht.

Bulky waste container in Dordrecht

Remodel? Are you going to renovate a house, building or other space? Then you can get rid of the materials that are released in a bulky waste container. Save yourself the trouble and have a bulky waste container delivered to your door in Dordrecht. Bulky waste containers are also suitable for household waste.

Utensils and home accessories such as curtains, and window decorations belong in bulk trash. Refrigerators and freezers contain a chemical liquid and they are not allowed in the container.

You can check with the municipality of Dordrecht where these items can go. See all options for a container bulky waste rental in Dordrecht.

Roof waste container rental in Dordrecht

A roof waste container is intended for the disposal of materials coming from the roof such as roof gravel and roofing leather. These materials must be stripped of tar and other environmental pollutants. See all options for renting a roof waste container.

Construction and demolition waste container rental in Dordrecht

Need to dispose of multiple types of waste? Renting a construction waste container in Dordrecht is suitable for this. The construction and demolition containers are perfect for a major renovation where all kinds of waste is released.

Consider wood, metals, plastics, paper, cardboard, glass and insulation materials. Note! There are also materials that are not allowed in the construction waste container. See all options for a construction container rental in Dordrecht.

What are the rates and sizes of dumpster rental?

At Spelt dumpster, you can rent different types of dumpsters depending on the amount and type of waste you want to dispose of. The rates of renting a waste container in Dordrecht depend on the type and size of container. Prices range from €159 for a 3m³ container to a maximum of €569 for a 12m³ container. We do not charge a separate collection fee. The containers have an all-in price for an 8-week rental period, including VAT and collection costs at your doorstep!

The size of your dumpster depends on the size of your remodel. Learn more about the appropriate size dumpster here.

Safety & Environment waste container rental in Dordrecht

We consider safety and the environment in everything we do. We recommend that you fill the dumpster in an orderly manner when using it. This way you can dispose of more waste and the container is safe for transport and no additional fees will be charged.

Make sure the trash does not protrude more than 20 centimeters above the edge of the container if you want it to be picked up. If the garbage protrudes higher than 20 centimeters, we cannot take the container. This is because it can lead to dangerous situations on the road.

After the period, we collect your waste and process and separate it into mixed granulate and compost. Thus, we process almost all waste to a new sustainable destination.

Delivery and pickup options.

You simply order a dumpster on the desired date and we place it at the designated location. This way you can simply dump your waste into the bin and we will pick it up whenever you want. This saves a lot of trips, time and worries about disposing of your waste!

General conditions and contact information Spelt

Learn more about our terms and conditions regarding rental bi bij Spelt Afvalcontainers. Unclear and don't know which container to choose? Feel free to contact us