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Container rental in Deventer: efficient and simple

At Spelt Afvalcontainer, you have come to the right place to rent containers in Deventer. We offer a wide range of rental containers in all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a small job or a medium-sized remodel, we have the right container for every type of waste.

The types of dumpsters for rent in Deventer:

3m³ container

230cm x 175cm x 110cm
Prices are all-in and include VAT

3m³ container

Small renovation

Fits on one parking space

Most popular

6m³ container

365cm x 185cm x 110cm
Prices are all-inclusive and include VAT

6m³ container

Medium-sized renovation

Fits on one parking space

10m³ container

360cm x 185cm x 155cm
Prices are all-inclusive and include VAT

10m³ container

Medium to large scale renovation

Fits on one parking space

10m³ closed container

315cm x 185cm x 200 cm
Prices are all-in and incl. VAT

10m³ closed container

Medium to large scale renovation

Fits on one parking space

Best option

12m³ container

460cm x 185cm x 150cm
Prices are all-inclusive and include VAT

12m³ container

If available in your area

Fits on one parking space

License to rent a container in Deventer

Are you planning to place a container on a public space such as a parking space or the sidewalk? To do so, make a notification to the municipality of Deventer. This can easily be done through the page of the municipality of Deventer.

For paid parking spaces, applicable parking fees apply. If you have already applied for an environmental permit, placing a dumpster or container for demolition debris is often within the permit.

It varies depending on the type of waste you need. There are various types of waste, each with its own type of suitable container.

Construction waste container rental in Deventer

If you have a construction or demolition job where you need to dispose of a lot of waste, it is convenient to rent a construction waste container. You order a container for the date you want and we deliver it to your door. That saves you a lot of driving, time and hassle of disposing of waste.

The waste that can be deposited in a construction waste container includes metal, glass, insulation material and wood.

Bulky waste container rental in Deventer

A lot of waste is generated when you empty a property or move. Most of the waste that is released can be disposed of in a bulky waste container. In the bulky waste container you can put all kinds of household waste, such as home accessories and old furniture. Refrigerators and freezers containing chemical liquids are not allowed in the containers.

Wood container rental in Deventer

A wood waste container can only hold wood waste, such as glued, painted and unpainted wood. So if you want to dispose of doors or window frames, for example, this is the appropriate dumpster.

Garden waste container rental in Deventer

Are you embarking on a garden renovation? Then a garden waste container for green waste is ideal. In it you can put mixed garden waste, such as branches, tree trunks, shrubs, reeds and leaves.

Ground waste container rental in Deventer

For soil waste, we have a separate soil waste container. Only clean soil is allowed in these containers, so no branches or debris. Think of soil, sand and peat.

Rental of dumpsters in Deventer

For a small renovation that involves a lot of stony material, a rubble container comes in handy. You can store masonry and concrete rubble, roof tiles and mortar, for example, in a rubble container.

Tips to rent the suitable container in Deventer

Renting a dumpster seems like a simple task at first glance, but finding the right dumpster can sometimes be trickier than expected. Recognize that? Then take a moment to review our valuable dumpster rental tips before renting a dumpster in Deventer. That way, you'll be well prepared once the right type of dumpster is delivered to your doorstep.

The right size container rental in Deventer

We offer a wide range of container sizes in Deventer, so you can always rent the right dumpster. Whether you need a small container or a larger one, we are guaranteed to have a suitable container for your specific amount of waste.

Renting a dumpster in Deventer, what are the costs?

At Spelt Waste Container Rental, we offer transparent and complete container rental pricing. The all in rates, i.e. including delivery and collection costs, are listed on our website. You can pay the all in amount via IDEAL, without any deposit.

Our dumpster rental price includes 8 weeks of rental, VAT and the cost of delivery and collection. After the rental period, we will collect the cheap container from your home in Deventer and give your waste a sustainable new destination.

A variety of sizes and types of containers are available for rent in Deventer, so there is always a suitable option for your type of waste.

Waste container rental in Deventer: safe and environmentally conscious

At Spelt Waste Container, safety comes first. As an additional safety measure, we offer closed containers that prevent the waste from falling out during transport. This ensures the waste stays in the right place and we ensure safe handling.

Waste container delivery and collection in Deventer

Busy with a job in Deventer? Rent a container from Spelt Afvalcontainer. We strive for fast and efficient service at competitive rates. Ordered today, delivered tomorrow.

Looking for more information? Then read through the terms and conditions or contact us.