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Permit waste container, do you need it?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question with a simple yes or no. This is because whether or not you need a permit dumpster varies by municipality. Pakweg there are two options as far as having Spelt dumpster placed:

  • You have these put on your own property
  • You have it put on public property: a parking lot, the sidewalk, or elsewhere on the street.

In the first case you never need a permit. In the second case, if the container is to be placed on municipal land, you may need a permit. Waste container placement permits therefore depend on the municipality. In some municipalities no permit is needed for placing a waste container or a telephone report is sufficient, in some municipalities a telephone request to the municipal office is sufficient. In other municipalities you need to request an exemption or even a permit for a waste container if it is to be placed in busy public areas where it can cause nuisance to local residents. This is particularly the case in the larger cities.

You can find all this information on this website. If you live in a larger city, please go below to the municipality where you live. On these pages you will find specific information about dumpster permits per municipality. Please note: regulations can change constantly so information may be outdated. No rights can be derived from this information. Have you encountered incorrect or outdated information? Please let us know. We will then adjust it immediately.


Need a permit? Check your city:


Your city not listed? Check your province!